RandM 10000+ 2% 20ml 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape Device

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Looking out for a pioneer vape experience? You are at the right place!
Introducing RANDM TORNADO 10000+ AIRFLOW CONTROL DISPOSABLE VAPE DEVICE to level up your cloud game.
With uniquely new 26 flavours that will make you go crazy. Just the perfect amount of 2% nicotine. Mesh coil will prevent the burnt taste of the flavor. The airflow gives you the perfect control over the device to cherish an amazing experience. The rechargeable battery with a type-C port will make sure you get every bit of the flavour that has been inside the tank.
Tired of getting expensive vapes with the same absurd experience? Not to worry because at Vapeverse, we got you covered with amazing pricing.

RandM 10000+ Price At Vapeverse:

Single 11.89£
Pack of 2 21.89£
Pack of 5 50.89£
Pack of 10 90.75£


Its exciting 22 flavours for every occasion & mood will give you an everlasting experience which you can never have. Different flavours for different tastebuds will enhance your cloudy journey.

RandM Tornado 10000+ Flavors

  1. Cool Mint
  2. Lush Ice
  3. Gummy Bear
  4. Blueberry On Ice
  5. Grape Ice
  6. Pink Lemonade
  7. Mixed Berries
  8. Strawberry Watermelon
  9. Red Apple Lemon
  10. Strawberry Kiwi
  11. Blueberry Bubblegum
  12. Blue Sour Raspberry
  13. Dr Blue
  14. Peach Mango
  15. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  16. Triple Mango
  17. Grape Raspberry Blackcurrant
  18. Strawberry Ice
  19. Pineapple Ice
  20. Cherry
  21. Blueberry Raspberry
  22. Peach Berry

RandM 10000+ Disposable Device Features:

☑ 2% Nic Salt
☑ 20ML of prefilled E-liquid
☑ 10000+ Puffs per Device
☑ Air Flow Control
☑ Type-C Recharge
☑ Rechargeable 850mAh Battery
☑26 Flavors Available

RandM tornado 10000+ disposable vape - A new trendsetter

RandM has introduced a ground-breaking move for the industry due to its relatively open use. This time, you can control the airflow and power your disposable. This item is the star of the show thanks to its excellent 10000+ puffs per device and prefilled 20ml 2% nic salt e-liquid with mesh coil. You won't find any simpler vapes. When you open the pack, you can use them right away. You get rid of the device when you're done and use another one. These are the best gadgets for traveling or for the busiest of us who don't have time to play with small gadgets. Disposables are excellent as vapes for quitting smoking because they offer a quick introduction to vaping and work well with high nicotine levels to provide a satisfying hit.

10000+ PUFFS

Fed up of changing the devices all over again just because their puff counts are low? We want you to have barrier free vaping with our extremely high 10000+ puff count which makes it easier to have the wholesome experience


To enjoy every last drop that has been in the depths of the tank RandM has introduced its rechargeable device so that no flavors get wasted. Its type C port will help you get the fastest charging without making you wait for hours.


Without making you worry about the constant change of coils, tanks, and refilling. RandM tornado 10000+ puffs will make sure your smoke without worrying about any of this.


airflow management that is controllable. The RandM device will make sure you have your desired smoke density. Do you want bold thick fluffiest clouds? Not to worry we’ve got you covered.


RandM Tornado 10000+ FAQs

What makes the RandM Tornado 10000+ disposable vape device unique?

The RandM Tornado 10000+ delivers up to 10000 puffs, thanks to its 20ml of pre filled e liquid. With its great features like airflow control, a rechargeable Type-C port, integrated 850mAh battery. and 26 delicious flavors to choose from, these vapes become legendary!

How long does a RandM 10000 disposable vape device last?

The lifespan of any disposable vape device varies based on the brand, model, and puff capacity. The RandM Tornado 10000+ disposable vape device delivers up to 10000 puffs which should be enough to last 1.5 to 2 months for an average user.

Can I refill the RandM Tornado 10000+ disposable vape device?

No, the RandM Tornado 10000+ disposable vape device is a pre-filled disposable device that cannot be refilled.

What is a Mesh coil? Is it better than regular coils?

In general, mesh coils are superior in terms of flavour payoff and production of more vapour. In terms of the outbursting flavour the coil makes sure you don’t experience the burning flavour taste.

What makes RandM 10000+ appearance unique from other disposable vapes?

The eye-catching design is what makes it unique the RandM tornado 10000 stands out because The red, green, and blue primary colours of light are combined in a variety of ways in the additive RGB colour model to produce a wide range of hues. The model's name is derived from the initials of the three primary additive colours blue, green, and red.

What exactly does an airflow in vape means?

The capacity to control how much air enters a vape and mixes with the e-liquid is referred to as airflow control. This has a significant impact on the vaping experience because a restricted draw result from a tighter airflow, whereas an airier draw is produced by a looser airflow that allows more air to combine with the e-liquid. The user can personalize their vaporiser experience to suit their tastes thanks to airflow control. For instance, you might tighten the airflow for an additional constrained draw if you desire a greater amount of vaping experience. You can, however, loosen the airflow if you favour an extra relaxed and airy pull experience.

How long does it take to charge the RandM tornado 10000+?

The RandM tornado 10000 is made to provide users with a comfortable and durable smoking experience. Its rechargeable battery is where it all begins. You won't need to fret about replacing the device's integrated 850mAh battery while using its exceptional 10000+ puffs. Using a Type-C port, and charging cable, the device is capable of being completely charged in approximately one and a half hours. It is therefore a quick and practical choice for when you've been on the go. You'll have the ability to exhale on clouds at any time, whether you're unwinding at home, aboard the subway, or at a party.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry before you miss out on the availability of our highly demanded-vape. We don’t want you to be walking a step behind the trend!! STEP UP YOUR CLOUD GAME RIGHT NOW!


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    Customer Reviews

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    Samantha Meszaros

    Love this site my number one go to when ordering my vapes

    Illia Postevka

    RandM 10000+ 2% 20ml 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape Device

    Jennifer Taylor

    RandM 10000+ 2% 20ml 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape Device

    Robert Smith

    quick delivery & great choice of flavours

    Cath Moreland
    A must have device

    Real value for money. Lasts for weeks. Don’t get 600 vapes at half the price get thousands of vapes that’s value for money.
    Sometimes a 600 vape can last barely 1 day but I’ve found that these vapes last me 2-3 weeks at a time. It’s a no brainer. The flavours are soft and sweet and very tasty. It’s more intense than a 600 vape. I’m not going back ever.

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